More movement after every treatment.

Craniosacral Therapy

“Natasha provides a relaxing atmosphere for each treatment. She has a gentle and calm technique and there are no sharp movements or jerking body parts around. I feel safe in her presence and with each treatment I have felt more movement in my neck and other parts of my body. She has helped with the release of pains and low vibrational energies in my body.”

Shelby Kurmey
Calgary Alberta

Adjustments for ascension

Ascension Adjustments

“Natasha Mott is a brilliant healer, intuitive and channels amazing energy and information. As a client who has receive one on one treatments and a remote treatments I much prefer the remote treatment. Natasha is able to go deeper into the craniosacral practice, intuitively guide your own bodies healing and precise channeled information.”

Patti Bradshaw
Founder and Director of The Centre For Human Evolution.

Release the past to be able to move forward 

Akashic Alignments

“I’ve done a few Reiki sessions with Natasha both in person and at a distance, as I live in the US. After the sessions I feel much better from my pain and more calmer.Recently I did an Akashic records adjustment which made me understand why certain people are in my life and why some things happened. I recommend anyone to do an Akashic reading, it is amazing, helped me to release the past and move forward.”

Maria Teresa Schnatz
Portland, Oregon

Sleep Apnea reduced by almost 50% after 10 treatments.

Craniosacral Therapy

“After being diagnosed with sleep apnea the only option I was being presented with by the doctor and respiratory specialists was a CPAP machine.  The thought of wearing a face mask to sleep on a nightly basis seemed so intrusive and there must be other options out there. Having known Natasha for many years and knowing she was starting to do Cranial treatments I was open to giving it a shot.  I won’t lie, I was skeptical about Cranial as a treatment for sleep apnea at first but I kept an open mind and almost immediately after the treatments started I noticed a difference in my sleep. I now have less sleep disturbances at night, my snoring is improved, and I felt more well rested when I wake up. The before and after sleep test results speak for themselves.  For those looking for an alternative to CPAP, I highly recommend seeing Natasha. ” 

Grand Lau
Calgary, Alberta

Understanding the past

Akashic Records

“I was referred to Natasha by my spiritual coach. Having never heard of Akashic records, I had no idea what to expect. The messages Natasha delivered to me resonated strongly and positively confirmed recent glimpses that I’ve had.I am grateful to Natasha for listening to her calling as a Lightworker and being willing to be a vessel for delivering such important, life-shifting, information with those ready to seek and receive it.​I look forward to taking her future classes and working with her one-on-one again in the future.”

Debbie DeMarco
California, USA